This domain has been seized by Mujahideen Cyber Team

Mujahideen Cyber

As Salam Aleikum.We hacked your website to tell you something.In first place there is no God but Allah, and the worship, all of it must be for Allah (SWT). If you learn this, possible your soul will be saved from hellfire.In second place, in the last times we have eared bad things about Muslims in Europe calling us terrorists and murderers. So, we hacked your website to tell people We are not terrorists or murderers. We do not support daesh, we do not agree with that crazy lunatics. Kill innocent people is haram (forbiden in Islam).Muslims are about 60 percent of world population and daesh are about 30000 crazy people... The only terrorist here is your western governments, bombing innocent people in midle east, and saying it was colateral damage. So, please dont be sad, your website was colateral damage too.And tell your government to not suport israhell and do not disturb Islam or your systems will suffer serious consequences.

We are Unknown Al, Doctor Ebola , Algerian Rose,Miss Dashka and all Muslim Hackers.